Tennessee Fosters Hope is a statewide effort to engage state agencies, community organizations, the business community, and churches to elevate high quality care and opportunities for children and families impacted by foster care and adoption.

To learn more about how your church can serve the foster care population,

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“At __________ Church, some of us are going to bring children into our homes; the rest of us are going to find ways to serve and support them.”

Resources for starting/building an orphan care ministry:

Building a Culture of Orphan Care in Your Church

Launching and Leading an Orphan Care Ministry

There are many local organizations that your orphan care ministry can partner with to serve foster families and children in care. Visit our CARE page for links to each of them. 

There is almost a 1:1 ratio of churches and foster families in East TN.

We know that if we educate and empower God's people, they can completely change the way children experience adoption, foster, and kinship care. 

By wrapping community support around families, parents feel equipped to continue the important work and children stay in one healthy placement longer, receiving the relational healing they need. 


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