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KAFCAM is an alliance of churches, organizations, and individuals who are committed to engaging in the world of foster care, adoption, and kinship care in our community. With many children being adopted and ~650 children in foster care in Knox County, KAFCAM exists to ensure that every family feels supported and every child knows they are loved and there is hope.


We know that if we educate and empower God's people, they can completely change the way children experience adoption, foster, and kinship care. 

By wrapping community support around families, parents feel equipped and children stay in one healthy placement longer, receiving the relational healing they need. 

KAFCAM church partners understand that this work cannot be accomplished by one or two. It will take all of us.


As a partner of KAFCAM, we will:

  1. Advocate and provide support for foster care, adoption, and kinship care in our church and community.

  2. Prioritize first family preservation when safe and possible.

  3. Use KAFCAM and organization partners as a resource for our prospective and active foster, adoptive, and kinship families as well as staff and volunteers.

  4. Consider supporting one or more of the local foster care/adoptive/vulnerable family organizations with our resources

  5. Email our church logo to team@kafcam. org to be included on the website under church partners

**If you have questions, reach out to Our church liaison will be available for ongoing strategic planning and coaching.

Thanks for submitting!

KAFCAM is a regional alliance under the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO). Check out these CAFO resources for starting/building a care ministry:

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