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Parenting Education & Services

Parenting Education


Getting Ahead: 

A step-by-step process for people who live in poverty, giving individuals the opportunity to investigate their lives on their own terms. During sixteen 2-hour sessions, participants discover why they are in their situation, develop a plan to get themselves to a more stable life, and begin to build relationships that will help ensure sustainability as they go.

Support group

Parenting Support Groups in Knoxville, TN: 

In-person and online-only support groups for parents of toddlers, adolescents, and teens. 

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Bethany Christian Services: Safe Families Program

When parents are experiencing difficulties caring for themselves or their children, you can help by providing support for their family as they take essential steps towards stability.


Next Phaze Single Parent Support

Next Phaze empowers parenting teenage and young single moms to strive for personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them, for their children and community.

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McNabb Center Social Services

The McNabb Center offers a continuum of social services for families in need. The Center provides supervised visitation and behavior modification as well as a Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption program.

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McNabb Center Substance Use Treament

The McNabb Center offers a full continuum of substance use treatment services from residential care to Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT). The McNabb Center is the region’s leading nonprofit provider of mental health, substance use, social and victim services.


Safe Baby Court

Safe Baby Court helps parents identify their needs, access necessary resources and empowers parents and families to advocate for themselves and to flourish long term. The mission is to drive best practices for babies, toddlers and families and to steer the child welfare system toward more successful outcomes for this vulnerable population.

Therapeutic Services

Support Groups & Services

  • Adoption Support and Preservation (ASAP) Program - The Adoption Support and Preservation Program (ASAP) and the Guardianship Support and Preservation (GSAP) programs are designed to support and promote a family’s success on every level and at every stage of the adoption and guardianship journey.

  • FUSE (Families-United-Supported-Engaged) - Monthly FUSE parent support groups are offered across the state of Tennessee. ASAP | GSAP FUSE groups are open to all guardianship, foster, and adoptive families.

  • Foster Parent Support Group for Knox County

  • Post-Adoption Support Services - Adoption can present unique challenges, even long after the adoption has been finalized. Whether you're an adoptee, birth parent, or adoptive parent, Bethany Christian Services is here for you—providing expert support built on decades of experience in the field of adoption.

  • The Adoption Connection

    • Great trauma/support group resources for parents who are on the edge of compassion fatigue or giving up

    • Free 30 Day Challenge - from Apathy to Empathy

    • Online support group called The Village

    • Very parent (specifically mom) focused, run by two adoptive moms

Educational Videos & Literature

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Recommended Books on Adoption

Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That  Can Transform Your Life and Relationships, By Curt Thompson, Thompson, a Christian psychiatrist,  looks at the mind-body connection and explains how understanding human stories can improve people's relationships with each other, God, and the world. 

Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents By Deborah Gray Attaching in Adoption is a comprehensive guide for prospective and actual adoptive parents on how to understand and care for their adopted child and promote healthy attachment.

Before You Were Mine: Discovering Your Adopted Child’s Lifestory, Carissa Woodwyk. An incredible book that provides deep insight and perspective on embracing your adopted child’s birth story.

The Connected Child, By Karyn Purvis. A must-read to help adoptive and foster parents to better understand how to build strong and lasting connections with their children.  

Created to Connect Guide, By Amy and Michael Monroe and Karyn Purvis. A Christian guide created to help illuminate the biblical principles in The Connected Child.

Eyes Wide Open Workbook: The Pre-Marital Assessment For Couples That Are Looking To Unite For A Long And Happy Marriage, By Dave Parrott 

How We Love Our Kids, By Milan and Kay Yerkovich. Based on research in attachment and bonding,  this book gives practical advice on how better to meet your children’s love needs.  

Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience After Neglect and Trauma, By Deborah Gray 

The Out of Sync Child, By Carol Stock Kranowitz. Comprehensive and clear information for parents on  Sensory Processing Disorder 

Parenting from the Inside Out, By Daniel J. Siegel. This book addresses how a deeper self-understanding can help you raise children who thrive. 

The Whole Brain Child, By Daniel J. Siegel. An easy read (REALLY!) that provides valuable ideas on how to help children grow and heal emotionally through everyday interaction.  

Wounded Children, Healing Homes: How Traumatized Children Impact Adoptive and Foster Families, by Jayne Schooler 

Children's Books with Adoption & Foster Themes

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza

God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren

He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands by Kadir Nelson


I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond

Lily’s Story by Danielle Ignace

I’d Know You Anywhere, My Love by Nancy Tillman

The Skin You Live In by Michael J. Tyler

Wherever You Are, My Heart Will Find You by Nancy Tillman


The W.I.S.E. Up! PowerBook by Marilyn Schoettle

Tell Me My Story series by Raquel McCloud

The ABCs of Adoption and The ABCs of Foster & Kinship Care by Raquel McCloud

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