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The Isaiah 117 House and Dignity.

(The following was provided by our Organization Partner, Isaiah 117 House.)

The Isaiah 117 House will provide dignity.

Dignity for the middle schooler being picked up from school, taken straight to the Isaiah 117 House, given new school supplies, and helped with homework.

Dignity for the sibling set who spends time playing in the backyard with a volunteer which gives the caseworker time to find them a home where they can be placed together, so they never have to be separated.

Dignity for the toddler who never knew she received a lice treatment because she was too busy giggling at the water toys in her bubble bath.

Dignity for the case worker who witnessed the removal and just needs a moment to process the trauma.

Dignity for the foster parent who can take time to connect with the child in a safe environment instead of meeting in a parking lot or at a DCS office.

Dignity for the teen who just needs someone to listen to their story.

Dignity for the relative placement who got the unexpected call late at night and doesn't have to worry about stores being closed because the Isaiah 117 House will provide diapers and formula.

Dignity for the caseworker who can finally eat because they were too busy testifying in court and doing paperwork all day to have a proper meal.

The Isaiah 117 House will ease the burden on DCF caseworkers, reduce trauma for foster children, and support foster families.

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