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Yes, becoming a foster parent is a very special calling. Are you ready to answer?

(Blog post by Omni Visions, an organizational partner of KAFCAM.)

With Spring on the horizon, we’re still facing a sad fact: There weren’t enough foster parents before the pandemic and there still aren’t enough now. The impact of our national health crisis and the shock to our economy only made it worse, bringing a ripple effect felt through many families, especially in our region.

The necessity of business and workforce reductions, quarantining, school closures and isolation meant unstable or volatile home situations often became even worse for its youngest members. And that meant an increased risk for neglect, abuse, mental health issues and safety — and more children needing to be removed from their biological homes.

The bottom line is we now have fewer people applying to become foster parents and going through the process to become licensed.

So, we’re making another big ask. It’s outreach with a particular urgency.

What leads someone to foster parenting?

Many foster parents tell us their faith led them to fostering — and that it sustains them through all its joys and challenges, each and every day. Omni is there for them, too, with wrap-around support services, specialized pre-placement training and more. We are always just a phone call away. And because we understand that finances are often a consideration, we work with our state partners to ensure foster parents receive compensation to offset their costs.

Some foster parents may struggle with the idea that the situation is likely temporary. And when a child is able to be returned to their original home, one that’s become stronger and more stable, that’s a happy day indeed. But, in fact, fostering can sometimes be a faster road to adoption than the traditional route.

“Love never gives up, never loses faith…”

We’re putting our faith in those who might feel called to open their hearts and homes to children in need. Yes, it’s a huge commitment, but the opportunity to make a positive, meaningful difference in a child’s life can be a blessing for the ages.

Perhaps you’re simply curious at this point and want to know more about the requirements, available support and challenges of foster parenting. Contact us to learn more about this truly rewarding experience. We look forward to sharing our story and understanding what’s on your heart.

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